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Maintenance Services in Everett and Bellevue, WA

Maintenance Plan Benefits

  • General Benefits for Maintenance Customers
    • Peace of mind and comfort during winter blizzards and summer heat waves
    • Priority dispatch service
    • Lower utility costs (gas and/or electricity)
    • Longer system life
    • Fewer repairs and system downtime
    • Quieter and smoother system operation
  • Installation Plan Benefits:
    • 3 Year labor warranty to go along with the manufacturer’s part warranty
    • After three years, get a 30% discount on all repairs not identified during maintenance
  • Service Customers:
    • Any repairs found during maintenance will receive a 15% discount over non-maintenance customer rates
    • Any repairs not found during maintenance will receive 30% discount over non-maintenance customer rates
    • If we find your equipment is not repairable, expect the following:
      • A 5% discount on the installation on all replacement retrofit equipment
      • Full credit for the first year’s maintenance on that piece of equipment (i.e. free filters and inspection on unit replaced)

Providing quality commercial maintenance for the Eastside and Snohomish County. Call us today!

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