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Commercial Electrical Services in Everett, WA

We don’t only do HVAC, we also can help with your electrical needs with our 01 licensed Washington State Electricians.  We can make sure your buildings are up to State Code and safe for employees, tenants and customers alike.  We will meet with you to help identify problems to solve and do so within your budget requirements:

  • Electric Panels – Everything starts at the panel, many of our HVAC maintenance customers have us check their breakers and circuits for weak or failing parts to replace.  If the panel is old, insufficient, or outdated for your needs we can replace it.
  • Lighting – We can work with your utility to get energy rebates, while saving on your power bill.  This can also help employee productivity, make tenants happy and customers more comfortable in your building.
  • Other Needs – We can run wiring to new equipment, install electric vehicle (EV) disconnects, and any other project you can think of.

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Commercial Electrician

What does your business, facility, or commercial/industrial building need from an electrician? No matter what it is, you can trust our team of certified and trained electricians to get the job done right, on time, on budget, and up to all local codes. Local businesses have known us as "the contractor to call" for decades when it comes to any commercial electrical services. 

Our electricians are experts at handling any size of commercial electrical installation and new wiring for a building. And no matter what commercial electrical repairs you require, you’ll get a speedy response from our technicians and a solution that lasts—we have 24/7 on-call dispatching to put your mind at ease. 

Commercial Lighting

We work with all facets of commercial lighting. If you are looking for a contractor to handle the lighting installation for a new facility, we are the people to call. If you want to upgrade the lighting in your older building with a retrofit, we’ll see you have the best possible work done. Our electricians can help find ways to improve all types of lighting in your building and lower your energy costs at the same time. 

When you have trouble with the lighting in your facility, please don’t try to handle the work with the assistance of a building "handyperson." We can repair faulty lighting systems of all types and help make replacements and upgrades to ensure the best operation in the future.

Commercial Electrical Panels

The hub of a commercial electrical system is the electrical panel. This is the same as in homes, but commercial electrical panels are far more powerful and complex. Poor work on one of these panels can jeopardize the operation of a business and create major hazards. When you call on our electricians for panel installations, upgrades, replacements, and repairs, you can relax knowing we’ll do the job accurately and keep your facility up to code. 

We operate on three principles at Evergreen State Heat & AC: transparency, humility, endurance, and responsiveness. Living up to these principles has made the premier commercial comfort professionals in Everett, WA. We guarantee a next-business-day response to any customer who is part of our maintenance program, or they receive a free diagnostic.


Evergreen State Heat & AC

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