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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Everett and Bellevue, WA

We do more than heating and cooling.  We also filter air particulate, eliminate dangerous viruses, and ensure proper humidity in wintertime.  Your health and safety is our concern, we want your air fresh, clean and safe.

  • Air Filtration – Proper air filters have the dual purpose of keeping dirt and particulate out of your building and protecting your furnace and air conditioning heat exchangers.  We can design, install, and maintain a filtration system to protect employees, tenants, customers, and yes even your HVAC system.
  • Air Scrubbers – We have ultraviolet (UV) technology to ‘zap’ air viruses and allergens and keep all building occupants healthy.  We can put this in your supply air ductwork and monitor the bulbs during maintenance to ensure the health of all.
  • Humidification – Even in the wet Pacific Northwest it gets dry in the wintertime which can affect employee and tenant health and comfort as well as dry out fragile wood and other materials due to prolonged exposure to insufficient moisture.  Let us measure your humidity levels and see if an in-line humidifier is right for you.

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Installation

Do you need a new commercial indoor air quality system installed? This isn’t an easy decision to make. From dehumidifiers to air filtration systems and air purifiers, there are many ways that contaminants can sneak into our buildings under our noses. Take a look at a few.

  • Constant coughing and sneezing
  • Issues with germs
  • Mold growth
  • Uncomfortably dry or moist air

If your establishment is dealing with any of these problems on a constant basis, consider an indoor air quality solution. Our team of Everett, WA specialists can perform commercial indoor air quality installation that exceeds expectations and provides long-term solutions that meet your goals. Don’t let your building’s air become the victim of mold, germs, dust, dander, and other contaminants. Give our team a call today for air that’s safe to breathe.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Replacement

What happens when a commercial indoor air quality system is neglected? Eventually, it will cease to do its job right, your guests and customers will have trouble breathing, and you’ll have a lot of problems on your hand. An Everett, WA establishment with dirty air isn’t just a recipe for failure, it’s also against the law. Stay ahead of the curve and be proactive by knowing when you need commercial indoor air quality replacement.

Is your commercial indoor air quality system showing signs of age? Is it over 15 years old, or perhaps running your bills through the roof? Perhaps it’s time for a replacement! Replacing your commercial air systems provides a number of long-term benefits, from the improved health of your customers and guests, to lower operating costs. We can get your commercial indoor air quality systems replaced today.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Repair

Sometimes a commercial indoor air quality system isn’t in need of replacement, but just some targeted repairs. We can be the team to get those done. From replacing a filter to cleaning an air purifier for future use, our team of indoor air quality repair specialists can get it done. Are you unsure as to what is ailing your air cleaning technology? Give our Everett, WA specialists a call today.

We even provide commercial indoor air quality maintenance because proactive work is always better than reactive work. We can come by annually to perform a comprehensive inspection of your commercial indoor air quality system. We promise it will run more efficiently and more powerfully after our team has a chance to look at it. Call us!

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