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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Everett and Bellevue, WA

A poor cooling system could lose you thousands in revenue with upset prospective customers, loss of tenants, or less productive employees doing damage to your business, reputation and bottom-line.  We work with Roof Top Units, Swamp Coolers, and split system heat pump and air conditioners, as well as ductless units to keep your building cool.

  • New System Installation or Replacement – Systems older than 15 years can be problematic causing discomfort, and high energy and repair bills.  Let us design a new system for you properly sized and specified, we can usually even get utility incentive money for you.  We also have three-year labor warranty on all new systems.
  • System Repair & Maintenance – Is your system making funny noises, not keeping up in mid-summer or when there is lots of activity?  Let us check out the problems.  We are there the next day or you pay no diagnostic for the call out with a maintenance program.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

What kind of commercial air conditioning system would be best for your business? Sure, you might have a general idea on an industrial air conditioner or a rooftop unit that will provide sensible cooling, but what are your specific comfort needs? These are questions that need to be answered and looked at by professionals with direct knowledge about HVAC technology. With our Everett, WA team, we don’t cut corners and we always prioritize your needs.

Call us and ask about the type of commercial air conditioning installations we provide. Let’s talk about how we can help you, what kinds of qualifications we have, and why we’re the team best-suited to provide your business or building with comprehensive cooling equipment. Trust us, we’d like to set you up for success and savings in the future.

Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

We put our commercial air conditioners through the wringer every summer. These systems start to break down no matter what a professional team does to keep them running. Generally speaking, commercial air conditioners last anywhere between 10-15 years. Beyond that, you’re really wasting money on more frequent repairs and issues that just won’t resolve effectively.

Replacement services might seem wasteful or too early if your old system still works but aging industrial air conditioners lose efficiency dramatically after 15 years. Repairs become more frequent, prices become higher, and your system just doesn’t put out the cooling power it used to. This is okay, it’s a natural process for these systems to age. Luckily, with our reliable commercial air conditioning replacement services in Everett, WA, the process can be quick and easy to get a new system set up in its place.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Are you dealing with a faulty industrial air conditioner? Do the following signs ring true?

  • Strange noises
  • High energy bills
  • Lukewarm air

Then contact us for commercial air conditioning repair. These are not occurrences that any building or business owner should have to put up with, whether it’s due to faulty installation or years of wear and tear. If you find yourself dealing with any of these issues in your commercial air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to call our team for repairs.

We’re also firm believers that a proactive solution is always better than a reactive one. That’s why we offer commercial air conditioning maintenance services, for business owners that want to avoid the occasional surprise. By inspecting your industrial AC and providing targeted adjustments, repairs, and lubrication, we can find out the exact condition of your system. We’ll warn you of any upcoming repair needs and keep you informed. Call our Everett, WA specialists today!

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