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Serving King County and Snohomish County

Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Do You Need Rewiring for Your Commercial Building?


Everything ages with time. It seems only the ancient Romans and Egyptians really had a handle on how to build immortal infrastructure. And there’s also the Great Wall of China. That has endured pretty well.

Your commercial building, however, is not the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, or the Colosseum. All parts of it will age and need maintenance as well as eventual replacement of components. Regular upgrades are a basic part of running a business—and one upgrade that is often overlooked is the rewiring of the electrical system.

When to Schedule Electrical Rewiring

The amount of electrical power used in both homes and commercial buildings is much larger than even just a decade past. If your building is still using the same wiring and electrical panels as 20 years ago, we strongly recommend at least partial rewiring for the building. The building may still have aluminum wiring, which was used in place of copper during periods when copper’s price was too high. Aluminum wiring isn’t as good as copper, and is more prone to corrosion and damage that may lead to electrical problems or overheating.

The electrical panels are a major part of updating the wiring for a business. A panel that’s more than 20 years old may not be rated for the current electrical load for a business. If you’ve experienced multiple tripped breakers during the last few years—more than before—it’s a warning that you need electrical upgrades, starting with new panels. 

Another factor to consider when you’re thinking about rewiring your building is the current state of your lighting. Do you think your workspace would benefit from an overhaul of the lighting to make the space more efficient or attractive? Is too much of your electrical budget going toward the lighting? (In the US, approximately 25% of commercial power budgets goes to lighting.) You can have rewiring done to update the lighting, improving the lighting scheme while replacing older, energy-vampire lights with LEDs and CFLs. 

Hire Professional Commercial Electricians

It’s okay if you aren’t certain about your rewiring and electrical update needs. You can always find out by calling on our technicians to give your building an electrical audit. We’ll identify problem areas and places where you can save money with upgrades. We will pay special attention to your electrical panels, which are at the core of the electrical system. You may not need extensive rewiring, but panel upgrades are recommended every 10 to 20 years. (There are also some faulty panel models that are still out there, and we’ll discover if you have one of these panels.)

We are also experts at lighting upgrades. Not only can we create better lighting, energy-saving lighting, we can also help you get energy rebates by making the switch to LED and CFL lights. Call our commercial electricians in Everett, WA today to find out all that we can do to bring your building up to modern electrical standards—and maybe even a few years ahead! 

Evergreen State Heat & AC offers 24/7 on-call dispatching. Reach out to us for all your commercial heating, air conditioning, and electrical needs in Snohomish County and The Eastside.

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