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Serving King County and Snohomish County

Serving King County and Snohomish County


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The Power of Air Scrubbers for Your Business


Air filtration systems are vital for the success of most businesses: air filters trap dust, dirt, and other debris that not only affects the comfort for people in a facility but which can harm equipment and reduce the service life of air conditioning and heating systems. 

But having a quality commercial air filtration system for your business may not be enough when it comes to protecting the health of your employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc. You may need an air scrubber, which offers protection against organic pollutants. 

What’s an Air Scrubber?

The term air scrubber is used for several types of indoor air quality devices that help provide cleaner and healthier air. The air scrubbers that we install and service use powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays to clean the air, not by trapping contaminants in a filter or using ionization to draw unwanted particles out of the air currents, but by killing biological contaminants or rendering them inert and harmless. It’s an active approach to cleaning the air—scrubbing it clean like using a powerful bleach. But unlike bleach, which is toxic, the UV technology in the air scrubbers we install isn’t harmful to people. 

When properly matched to an HVAC system and installed by professionals, a UV air scrubber will remove more than 98% of mold spores, bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi, and microbes from circulating through a building. It’s the most effective way to avoid “sick building syndrome,” where people inside a facility have a high incidence of getting ill because of poor air quality that continues to worsen as pollutants build up within the ventilation system. Mold is one of the main sources of sick building syndrome, and our air scrubbers are especially powerful against mold. Not only do these air scrubbers kill mold, they also keep it from growing again, delivering remediation and prevention in one package.

Air Scrubber + Air Filtration = Great IAQ

An air scrubber works best when it is paired with a full commercial air filtration system. Air scrubbers target the contaminants that easily slip through even the most powerful mesh filters, but they don’t affect the larger non-organic particles that filters trap. The two types of IAQ systems work together for full protection for a facility—from stopping dust to stopping bacteria. 

When you have professionals handle both your air scrubber and air filtration installation, you can remove around 99% of all airborne contaminants that move through the facility’s ventilation system. 

IAQ Answers From the Local Experts

We’re experts when it comes to indoor air quality for Everett, WA commercial buildings, facilities, and establishments. If you think your facility would benefit from an air scrubber, or if you have other concerns about indoor air quality, such as low humidity and excess particulates, you can trust us to solve your problems with innovative solutions. We have a team of certified and union-trained commercial HVAC pros, and we have a proven track record of success. 

Evergreen State Heat & AC serves King County and Snohomish County. Call today for your commercial HVAC needs—we guarantee next-business-day-response for maintenance customers.

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