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Serving King County and Snohomish County

Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Why Rely on Professional Commercial HVAC Technicians


You’re having issues with the heating system for your business, or you’re looking for an inspection on the air conditioner. Who do you call for service? You can look to a building “handyperson” to come on by, or a small amateur outfit to see if you can save a couple of bucks. 

But you shouldn’t. You won’t save time or money, and you may end up wasting plenty of both and damaging your business as well. Any HVAC services for your facility need to be left to licensed professionals with years of experience working with commercial systems. 

There are many reasons to choose professionals only. We’ll list the most important ones below.


A professional commercial HVAC contractor must be licensed and certified by the state. In order to have a license, a contractor must be able to show sufficient insurance coverage. This is essential to protect consumers. If you have uninsured workers on your property doing a job, and one of them suffers an injury, you may end up liable. You may also end up liable for damage done to your own building. When you look to licensed contractors, you won’t have these worries. 


For professionals, staying up to date with the latest in HVAC technology is an essential part of running their business. Not only do they have the best tools and products, but they know how to work them and install them and they go through regular training on new equipment. We often say that it’s more important who installs your system than what brand you choose: the best-made commercial heating system ever manufactured won’t mean anything if an amateur installs it wrong.

Local Codes

Your business must remain up to code, and only professionals technicians know the requirements of building codes. This is especially important for heating systems, which must have proper venting. You cannot trust amateurs to get this right, and you might one day find your operation shuttered because of a code violation made by shoddy workmanship. 


We want to stress that, as professionals, we will never rush any job we do. But we’ll still be able to get the job done much faster and more effectively than any amateur. Unless the amateur does a rush job, which means it will be even worse work than usual. You’ll end up losing time later when you have to call in professionals to correct what the amateur did wrong—and that means you’ll spend a great deal more money as well.

We’re the Pros to Call

For commercial air conditioning and commercial heating in Everett, WA, put your trust in our team at Evergreen State Heat & AC. We’re fully licensed and certified for the State of Washington as both a general contractor and an electrical contractor. We have been in business since 1968 and know all the specific issues and pain points local businesses encounter with their HVAC systems throughout the year. We abide by our core values of transparency, humility, endurance, and responsiveness—it’s what makes us the premier commercial comfort professionals in the area.

Evergreen State Heat & AC serves Snohomish County & The Eastside. Schedule commercial HVAC service with us today.

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