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Serving King County and Snohomish County

Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Should You Have a Commercial Heating System Replacement This Fall?


We have recently discussed how to watch for signs that it’s time to call commercial HVAC pros to repair your business’ heating system. With speedy repair work and regular maintenance, you can expect to get a commercial heating system to work for many years.

But at some point a commercial heating system will go past the point where repairs and maintenance are worth it. Hopefully, you won’t find this out when the heating system dies on you during a cold day. It’s always better to catch a replacement need before the current system suffers a final breakdown. Since your business probably has a modular HVAC system, you won’t need to replace the entire heating system at once, but you’ll lose out on valuable heating power during critical times if you have to schedule the replacement as an emergency. 

We have 24/7 dispatching to help our customers, but we know they’d rather not have to resort to a full system replacement at a moment’s notice. Below, we’ll help guide you through ways to tell when to schedule a system replacement to avoid an emergency. 

Outdated rooftop equipment

If you have a rooftop packaged unit that was installed more than fifteen years ago, you may have a system that uses an outdated type of refrigerant, R-22. This refrigerant blend has, as of 2020, been officially phased out of use and technicians can no longer replace the lost refrigerant for these systems. If you have one or more of these systems, please arrange to have them replaced ASAP. They’re already too old and it’s difficult to have them repaired.

Regular refrigerant leak problems

We could put this under a general category of “too many repairs,” but we want to focus on this issue specifically. One of the most common repairs we make for rooftop heating and cooling systems is to seal refrigerant leaks and replace the lost refrigerant when a business notices they’ve lost heating power. If these repairs are becoming an annual trouble, then it’s far better to have a new rooftop unit installed. The system is declining, probably suffering from corrosion along its coils, and should be replaced.

Uneven heating

A warning sign that the heating system for a building is losing its capacity due to age and wear is when it cannot provide an even heating spread throughout the building. If you’re heating complaints about parts of the workspace turning colder than others, and nothing you do with the climate controls changes this, call for technicians to see if the heater is ready to be replaced.

Out of control energy bills

During the last two years of its service life is when a heater is most likely to start to turn inefficient and waste power. If you’ve seen energy bills rise steadily and it isn’t due to an increase in local energy costs, arrange for commercial HVAC professionals to examine the system.

When it’s time for a replacement of your commercial heating in Everett, WA, we are the local contractor to call.

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