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Serving King County and Snohomish County

Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Benefits of Ductless Heating for Small Businesses


We’re in the job of helping businesses with their commercial heating in Everett, WA and throughout Snohomish County and the Eastside. Many of our customers run small businesses, and it’s a joy to provide them with quality service that keeps them operating. 

When working with small businesses, we often need to find creative solutions to heating issues in spaces that don’t have the room for larger HVAC systems. One of the best ways we can provide heating for tricky situations for our clients is to install ductless mini split heat pumps. “What’s that?” you ask. We’re glad to give you answers—and you can always call us for more information.  

The Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

A ductless system works similarly to a standard split system heat pump seen in residential buildings, with indoor and outdoor units that circulate refrigerant between two sets of coils to move heat from indoor to outdoor or vice versa. But where a standard split system uses a single indoor unit that hooks up to ducts, a mini split system uses multiple small air handler units attached to walls that send the conditioned air straight in the space without ducts. 

How This Can Benefit Your Commercial Business

There are several advantages to using a ductless mini split for your commercial facility:

  • Heating and Cooling: Like most rooftop units, ductless systems are heat pumps that provide both cooling and heating for a building.
  • Space Saving: This is one of the major benefits for small businesses. The lack of ducts frees up space in an area, and it allows for flexibility in construction and remodeling by ignoring ductwork altogether. It’s also beneficial for a business that doesn’t have access to roof space for a rooftop unit. 
  • Flexibility: Ductless systems are among the easiest systems to install for a business, because the air handlers are small and can be placed almost anywhere. They are usually placed above doors and windows, out of the way. There’s no need to try to figure out how to connect ducts, and this allows for the placement of the air handler units in rooms that would otherwise be difficult to heat or cool. Ductless mini splits can be installed as an addition to a standard HVAC system to target these spots that have proved difficult to properly condition.
  • Energy Efficiency: Ducts are a source of energy loss for any HVAC system—the heat lost or gained through the walls of the ducts results in a drop in efficiency. Ductless systems don’t have this problem, and they use smaller motors than found in rooftop units and split systems, further adding to the reduction in energy consumption. 
  • Improved Air Quality: No ducts means less dust gets blown around each time the heater turns on.
  • Zone Control: The air handlers can be operated separately from each other, so you only need to have heating (or cooling) delivered to the zones that require it. It’s more convenient, and another way to save energy.

Get in touch with us today to see if ductless mini splits may be right for your business.

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