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Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Why Server Room Cooling Is a Special Air Conditioning Case


Almost all businesses have server rooms or computer rooms of some type: this space is a basic part of data and communication management. These rooms have special requirements when it comes to cooling. It doesn’t work to simply have a server room connected to the standard central air conditioning system of the rest of the building, since a central AC is primarily to provide comfort to employees, customers, clients, tenants, or whoever else is in the space. Server room cooling is designed to protect precision, heat-producing equipment.

If you are looking for proper server room cooling in Everett, WA, then you probably already know that simply keeping the server room door open or putting a standing fan in there won’t do the job. Protecting vital data and equipment takes special service, and our certified light-commercial specialists can handle the job of setting up your server room cooling.

The Special Server Room Situation

Server rooms pose several challenges when it comes to cooling, which is why server room/computer room cooling is a distinct commercial HVAC service:

  • Heat Generation: People and equipment create heat, and overcoming the extra heat is an important part of any commercial HVAC system installation. With a server room, the amount of heat generated is immense compared to other parts of a standard business: powerful electric equipment packed into a small space with little ventilation, which means the temperatures must be lower than normal. Server rooms should be between 68 to 71°F, which is lower than the average energy-saving temperature of 78°F for most HVAC systems.
  • Equipment Sensitivity: The devices in a server room are sensitive to high heat levels. Going higher than 82°F can easily cause permanent damage and data loss.
  • Climate Consistency: The temperatures in a server room must remain steady without fluctuations, something that is usually no issue with general workspaces in a business. Not only does the temperature need to remain consistent, but it must be even throughout the space—hot spots can be ruin equipment.
  • Airflow: Part of climate consistency requires proper airflow through the space so the cool air can move between the equipment racks. This not only requires effective fans and vent placement, but arrangement of equipment on the racks to allow air movement.
  • Thermostat Monitoring: To achieve airflow, consistency, and proper climate control, server rooms require special, often multiple, thermostats installed that can create alerts in case of malfunctions.

Let the Professionals Handle This Critical Task

We are certified and union-trained for light commercial HVAC work and offer a 3-year labor warranty on all installations with regular maintenance. When it comes to the precision work involved in server room cooling, you can depend on us to see you have the system that matches your needs. We understand that with businesses, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, and there is no “standard” server room set up. Customization is vital, and you can rest assured we’ll give you the customized server room cooling installation and maintenance necessary.

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