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Serving King County and Snohomish County

Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Warning Signs of Commercial Cooling Problems


Depending on the type of commercial business or facility you run, you may use the air conditioning system throughout the year or only seasonally. Since spring is rapidly approaching, the AC will be an important part of most businesses, and our technicians will be busy helping out with many services for commercial air conditioning in Everett, WA: maintenance, repairs, replacements, upgrades, and new installations.

We strongly recommend you schedule commercial AC maintenance with us during early spring, as we discussed in our last post. This will help you avoid the majority of potential air conditioning malfunctions over the middle of the year, since our technicians will catch issues early and provide regular cleaning and tune-ups that reduce wear and tear. Maintenance can’t catch all AC issues, however, so below we’ve listed warning signs for you to keep in mind; these will help you know when to call our technicians for repairs:

Uneven cooling in the building

Providing uneven cooling levels throughout a commercial building is difficult, since there are so many factors involved that aren’t present in homes (more equipment, people, rooms, levels, etc.). A slight problem in the AC system will therefore often appear first as uneven cooling and rooms that can’t seem to get to the right temperature. When you start to hear complaints from employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc. about hot spots, have technicians examine the HVAC system. 

Noises from the vents

Most cooling equipment for commercial spaces are located up on the roof, which removes the sound they generate from the workspace. That’s good! But it also means it’s harder to hear the noises that the AC system makes when it’s malfunctioning. However, some noise may come through the ductwork, so please don’t ignore noises such as clanging, grinding, and other mechanical sounds you hear from the vents.

Unresponsive thermostats

If your facility is large enough, it will probably have zoning, with thermostats set up for different areas. If a thermostat isn’t changing the temperature, it’s often tempting to lower it as far as possible to make up the difference. This is a mistake, since it’s ignoring that there could be a problem. It might be the thermostat has lost connection to the HVAC system, but it could also warn of a malfunctioning AC. 

High utility bills

You keep a close watch on the finances for your company, but sometimes extra costs on utility bills can slip past you as just “something that happens.” Yes, you can expect to pay more on cooling when the summer starts, but it shouldn’t be significantly more than the previous years unless you expanded your business or have changed the hours when the AC needs to run. If you have suspicious costs for cooling in summer, have our experts look into it and find where your HVAC system may be costing you extra money.

You can count on our team of professionals to handle all your light commercial services. We’re certified and union-trained, and we guarantee a next-day business response to maintenance customers.

Evergreen State Heat & AC serves Snohomish County and The Eastside. Contact us for 24/7 on-call dispatching.

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