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Serving King County and Snohomish County

Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Making Commercial HVAC Upgrades Will Help Your Bottom Line


When you manage a business, you keep a close tab on your budget. That is an essential part of running any company: you want to know about revenue and overhead, and where you can make improvements to raise the first while reducing unwanted spikes in the second.

One place where you may be spending more on overhead and not even know it is on the HVAC system. Any type of work space, business office, or facility uses an HVAC system. It may be primarily for the comfort of people in the facility, or it may be necessary for protecting equipment and process. But it’s vital—and it may be costing you too much because you have outdated equipment or equipment that needs upgrades. 

Getting Started

So where do you begin? We recommend you first call our technicians and sign up for one of our maintenance programs. A maintenance program lets us develop a relationship with you and learn about the HVAC systems in place and what your facility specifically needs. Maintenance is essential for ensuring that heating and air conditioning equipment works in peak condition, and it allows experts to catch possible repair problems early.

But maintenance is only the beginning. Once we are partnered with you, we can begin to recommend retrofits and replacement to improve equipment and lower energy costs, often significantly, while also helping you enjoy better performance from your systems.

The Retrofit

Most commercial HVAC equipment has a service life of 15 to 30 years (if maintained). With a retrofit, our technicians find ways to integrate new equipment into your existing equipment that may not yet need to be replaced, but which needs assistance to perform at higher efficiency.

A retrofit means you may not have to go through the more expensive process of a full HVAC system replacement, saving money upfront and then saving money on performance down the road. A retrofit can include putting in variable speed motors, sealing ductwork, installing fan speed controls, adding demand-controlled ventilation, installing building automation systems, and replacing older compressors with high-efficiency screw compressors. 

The Replacement

For older buildings with systems that have already reached the 20  to 30-year mark for HVAC equipment, larger replacements may be better than attempting a retrofit. Making smaller upgrades to systems that will soon need to retire is not a cost-effective approach!

Replacements are often best if your business is seeing a steep climb in energy bills that previous repairs and retrofits have not been able to correct. If you’ve also started to rack up too many repairs and interruptions to cooling and heating service, replacing the HVAC system is also a good idea. Although this is a more costly operation, starting fresh is one of the best ways to turn around this drain on the bottom line of your business. The payback period can be only a few years, and you’ll have a more reliable system with superior performance. 

We’re the commercial HVAC contractor for Everett, WA who can see that you receive the full benefit of retrofits and upgrades to your facility’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Call us to get started.

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