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About Us

Evergreen State Heat & AC was founded in 1968 based on four main principles of doing work for local businesses. Those values are as follows:

  • Transparency. We eliminate surprises and we always push for fair rates, quality work, and outstanding service.
  • Humility. If we don’t do it right, we make it right. Promises we make are promises kept.
  • Endurance. We’ll be there to support your system during the installation, repair, and replacement.
  • Responsiveness. We meet your needs quickly, performing better than anyone else in the area.

It’s with these four principles that we can call ourselves the premier commercial comfort professionals in Everett, WA. Whether you need targeted repairs on your commercial heating system, or the installation of a new rooftop AC unit—we can be the ones to get it done.

Give the pros of the Eastside and Snohomish County a call today.

Where We Come From

In 1968, Everett Metal Products split off into what’s now called Evergreen State Sheet Metal. Since it was founded, Evergreen State Heat & AC has been a union company, evolving from duct fabrication and installation to commercial HVAC equipment service, maintenance, and installation. Russ and Pam Kimball are now the third generation to own the company since 1998, and it still reigns as a principled commercial comfort company in the Everett, WA area.

Between our excellent maintenance program and our money-back guarantee, we’ve been the "ones to call" for commercial HVAC work for decades. Our impeccable craftsmanship and high degree of professionalism mean we’re always ready to take on a job. Give our team a call to see how our years of experience can help you.

We Can Help

We’re experts in the field of commercial HVAC systems, but we help out wherever we can. We donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County every year at the fall auction. We’re prominent members of the community, friends, and neighbors to everyone in Everett, WA, and we’d like to keep it that way.

Let’s get to the point. How can we help you? Are you suffering from problems with your commercial HVAC system? Or perhaps you’re looking to get a new indoor air quality system installed in your building? Don’t hesitate to call our commercial specialists. We’ve got you covered.

Evergreen State Heat & AC

It’s more important WHO installs your system than WHAT brand you choose.